About our company

Although we are known for our excellent service in emergency electrical situations, we also offer a range of project related electrical services with the same guaranteed workmanship and cost effectiveness. Some of the project related services that we offer include:

Home wiring

Whether it’s your new home being built, an addition to your existing home or an old property that needs to be rewired, a qualified electrician is crucial for the job. Safety regulations are of paramount importance as electrical wiring is susceptible to all sorts of mishaps in the home. Don’t compromise on your safety call (Plumbing Co) so that we can ensure your home is wired expertly.

Home wiring services commonly include:

  • Power points

  • Light fixtures and switches

  • Finding the source and repairing Earth leakage tripping

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

A COC is a document verifying the electrical installations such as plugs, lights, DB board and wiring in the home comply with the requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you are planning on selling your home or would like to get your alteration or newly built home approved by the local Council then you will need a qualified electrician to issue you with a COC.

(Plumlec Co) is happy to help! Simply call us for your COC and we will inspect (let you know if there are any improvements/changes needed before we can issue the COC) and issue you with the document needed. New legislation requires that your COC be no older than two (2) years.

Industrial and commercial installations

You can rest assured that (Plumbing Co) will take care of your industrial or commercial installation according to plan, cost-effectively and efficiently. Our team will work timorously to ensure that your installation is within deadline dates to ensure no delays in your predicted completion dates.

Industrial and commercial installations commonly include:

  • Design

  • Installation and

  • Maintenance


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